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Beer Cans As Wall Art

As we all know, I love beer.  My favorite part about it is the variety.  I think these folks at Studio On Fire agree with me, but they are doing much cooler things to show it.

Studio On Fire's Beer Can Wall

Studio On Fire's Beer Can Wall

They have, oh so carefully, put up over 500 cans on their wall, from what looks like all ages and styles.  Even more impressive they opened almost all of them from the bottom preserving the orginal seal.

Not only is it an impressive number of cans, they have some of the most unique can’s I’ve ever seen!

I love this one called Old Frothingslosh. Too funny.

A can of Old Frothingslosh.  Do want.

A can of Old Frothingslosh. Do want.

Studio On Fire – “It’s Superior”
Via (BoingBoing)

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Consecration at the Toronado

Mmmmm… Russian River’s Consecration at the Toronado. Nothing better. A 10% ABV Sour Ale that tastes like “wine that’s gone bad with butter” according to Tim, but in a strangley delicious way.

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