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I love this Rube Goldberg machine by London design firm Berg. Exploring our relationship with modern technology they made this almost humorous machine that plays with Rube’s chain of events, but in a new-age non-physical way using RFID chips and the like.

Nearness from timo on Vimeo.

After seeing a Rube Goldberg machine at the Pompidou in Paris that was 15 minutes long and mostly used fire, this almost makes me laugh in it’s clever use of technology to achieve the same results (but not quite as exciting as the fire)

via BoingBoing

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Beer Cans As Wall Art

As we all know, I love beer.  My favorite part about it is the variety.  I think these folks at Studio On Fire agree with me, but they are doing much cooler things to show it.

Studio On Fire's Beer Can Wall

Studio On Fire's Beer Can Wall

They have, oh so carefully, put up over 500 cans on their wall, from what looks like all ages and styles.  Even more impressive they opened almost all of them from the bottom preserving the orginal seal.

Not only is it an impressive number of cans, they have some of the most unique can’s I’ve ever seen!

I love this one called Old Frothingslosh. Too funny.

A can of Old Frothingslosh.  Do want.

A can of Old Frothingslosh. Do want.

Studio On Fire – “It’s Superior”
Via (BoingBoing)

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RHONDA Forever

I just love things like this. RHONDA is an application, written by a small team, that redefines sketching and 3d modeling and combines them into a surprisingly intuitive system for “dimension free sketching” (I just made that up, but they should use it).

Watch the video to see James Paterson sketching something out, and then a collection of his past works using RHONDA (

Really beautiful right? I love James’ style and gesture, but it couldn’t succeed like it does without this amazing tool. I’ve already sketched out a few things with it and it’s a blast. Sadly I could only use my trackpad, but it was still very interesting and very fun. It’s quite hard to disconnect yourself from your two-dimensional drawing habits, but when you do it’s a very unique experience.

Here’s a video of me doing some free drawing and playing with the space.

They have the beta opened to those who register and want to help them out by testing it a bit. I HIGHLY recommend getting it.

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The power of LASERS!

Who doesn’t like lasers? I mean the non-vaporizing your friends kind of course, but still.

Somehow these guys have used lasers to both track objects and draw as well.

I love this. A completely invisible interface that’s still perfectly intuitive. Who knew you could create a ground-breaking device that doesn’t even need an instruction manual! Amazing.

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Here and There

It’s amazing how much fun you can have in Illustrator with just a photo and live trace.

This random image is brought to you by Riley, who I guarantee you will be seeing more of.

All Hail The Rileyanninator

All Hail The Rileyanninator

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Hit the Decks

Hit the Decks from andrew baber on Vimeo.

Most photos are straight out of a Canon 5D into iMovie. Some of the “studio” shots are edited. Shot for “Skate this Art,” going on all this month (May 2009) at Market Street Gallery in San Francisco.

Produced by

Andrew Baber Photographer, Editor

Caleb Gatlin Editor, Artist

Kristin Fialko Artist, Painter
Giuliana Lawless Artist, Painter

Special Thanks To:

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