Skydivers at Justin Herman Plaza for T-Mobile myTouch promo



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Skydivers at Justin Herman Plaza for T-Mobile myTouch promo

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driving san francisco

Took a drive through San Francisco to test my new 24-105 L lens. So lovely. (also had some very tasty tacos)

Many of the images were dragged kicking and screaming through aperture adjustments. Also, many high dynamic range shots are included (the sets of 4 identical images).

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Shot on a Canon 5D, minimal post processing. Flash used was Canon 580EX (as well as flashlights, headlamps, lanterns).

We were GOING to deep fry the entire turkey, but the giant aluminum pot sprang a leak! Thus I had to stop documenting and quickly quarter the bird so it could be fried in the smaller but more firesafe container.

Next time the bird makes it in whole….

Samuel P Taylor State Park from andrew baber on Vimeo.

{Click for HD version]

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Riley SunsetAh how I love living in the Sunset.  Not long ago we walked the two blocks to the water reserve up the hill to take some photos.  Bringing nothing but a camera and a flash we made some great shots.  I liked this one a lot so I dressed it up a tad for fun.  I’ll put up more of the shoot later.

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