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RHONDA Forever

I just love things like this. RHONDA is an application, written by a small team, that redefines sketching and 3d modeling and combines them into a surprisingly intuitive system for “dimension free sketching” (I just made that up, but they should use it).

Watch the video to see James Paterson sketching something out, and then a collection of his past works using RHONDA (

Really beautiful right? I love James’ style and gesture, but it couldn’t succeed like it does without this amazing tool. I’ve already sketched out a few things with it and it’s a blast. Sadly I could only use my trackpad, but it was still very interesting and very fun. It’s quite hard to disconnect yourself from your two-dimensional drawing habits, but when you do it’s a very unique experience.

Here’s a video of me doing some free drawing and playing with the space.

They have the beta opened to those who register and want to help them out by testing it a bit. I HIGHLY recommend getting it.

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