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Art’s Cafe

Art’s Cafe at 9th and Irving here in SF, is something to behold.  One row of 10-12 seats right down the middle makes up the entire seating area of the cafe, the other half being the grill and etc.  You’ll be sitting a foot away from the best Grill-master you’ll ever see and his wife (the owners) who’ll fill your coffee almost faster than you can drink.

While all this makes it a very cozy and comfortable place to eat, the important part as we all know is the food.  Oh, the food.

I won’t lie, I haven’t tried much of their Breakfast Diner /  Korean menu because I can’t drag myself away from their Hashbrown Sandwich.  A Hashbrown sheet filled with cheese, onions, your choice of meat, and folded over itself with a side of eggs your-style and toast.

Is there a word stronger than “de-fucking-licious”? Think about it while you watch this little tribute I put together.  Enjoy.


  1. larry landell says:

    I am trying to buy some gochujang paste, how do i do this please help

  2. Baber says:

    For now your best bet is a local korean supermarket. Look for “Sunchang Gochujang” in bright red plastic tubs.

    Soon you’ll be able to order from, keep an eye out!

    If you don’t have a local korean store then send an email to and I’ll see what I can do.


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